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Introducing Captee alpha, looking for testers

10 Mar 2023  Charles Choi

This past February, I started building a macOS app to help me work with Org mode for Emacs It lets you share links and content from another app (typically Safari) via the macOS Share menu and format it in Org markup. It can also support Markdown links so you can work with other editors too. The app is called Captee and here’s a video that demonstrates it at work:

Note that Captee is very much in an alpha/proof-of-concept/bleeding-edge state of polish right now. You’ll get the best results for Captee if you use the macOS Yamamoto Mitsuharu port of Emacs (MacPorts, Homebrew). It supports Org Protocol out of the box, otherwise you will have to use the system clipboard to share content.

To capture selected text via org-protocol you’ll need to define a capture template on the Emacs side first before you use Captee. Here’s an example capture template that uses the placeholders described in the Org capture protocol.

(setq org-capture-templates
        ("a" "Captee Capture" entry
         (file+headline "~/org/" "Captee Captures")
         "* %:description\\n%:annotation\\n%i\n%?" :empty-lines 1)

Okay with all that said, I’m looking for testers. If you’re interested, you can get an alpha build of Captee via this TestFlight link. Please provide feedback via the TestFlight app. Also, I highly recommend you do a deep-read of the release notes before installing or using Captee.

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