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Odds and Ends

23 Sep 2022  Charles Choi

Wow, so much to call out over the past nine years that I have not posted here. It's a bit overwhelming to think on much less capture so I'll make some quick bullet points. Thinking I'll elaborate more on these points in future posts, but we'll see. 😏

  • I officially left the employ of Tile on August 1, 2022. I started there as employee 2 in the summer of 2013 and was their first engineering hire. I was brought on to architect and write the Tile app for iOS which was achieved to successful effect.
  • Wow we had a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. It was and still is awful.
  • Bicycling is my primary mode of transportation now.
  • Combining pandemic living and bicycling, I started routinely posting photos of San Francisco from my bike rides on Instagram/Facebook (Meta).
  • I use Emacs and in particular Org Mode daily. Profoundly life-changing, and that's understating their impact.
  • In late 2017, I let Marie Kondō in my life and combined with Org Mode, they markedly improved it.
  • Immersed in DJ culture again (especially thanks to Twitch), especially over the past two years. So grateful for my years DJing at WTJU that started it all.
  • My French-style omelet game now is undefeated.

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