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Some QuickTime tools I've found along the way

16 Apr 2009  Charles Choi

At Caachi Films, we use QuickTime H.264 a lot. These are some tools that I've come across in helping us manage our transcoding flow. YMMV.

  • qt_tools - a small suite of Mac OS X command line tools for dealing with QT movies.

  • AtomicParsley - a lightweight command line program for reading, parsing and setting metadata into MPEG-4 files.

  • MakeRefMovie - creates alternate movies for various internet connection speeds, CPU's, languages, and more. This version allows you to create a reference movie that supports QuickTime 7 or later. Also allows you to target movies for the iPhone. Contains improved URL handling, new user preferences that let you choose how alternate movies are added to the reference movie, and numerous bug fixes.

  • XMLtoRefMovie - This old command-line utility generates a QT reference movie from an XML description. IMHO this is MakeRefMovie done right. Sadly though, XMLtoRefMovie does not seem to be actively maintained and the link to the old Mac PPC executable is broken.

Do you know of other tools (commerical or open source) that help out in dealing with H.264 MP4 or QuickTime files? Especially command line ones. Let me know and I'll update this list.

Update - Wed Mar 27 10:37:58 PDT 2013

This post has been updated. Caachi Films is now defunct.

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