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SensorTag Remote Control for iTunes

29 May 2013  Charles Choi

I've been spending a lot of time working on YmsCoreBluetooth, but the payoff is not in building a framework for its own sake but to be able to use it to build interesting apps more quickly. So to prove it to myself, I did just that:

In the video you see above, an iOS remote control app has been built using YmsCoreBluetooth to characterize a TI SensorTag. The remote control app is running in the background and issues commands to the Music app.

The SensorTag buttons (there are two at the top) are mapped to previous track (the left button) and next track (the right button). The accelerometer in the SensorTag is used to control play and pause, where if the SensorTag is laying down it will play and if it is standing it is set to pause.

The time I spent working on this app? I started coding it yesterday morning and had a working implementation and the video completed just in time for lunch that same day.

Some caveats:

  • The characterization of the SensorTag was already done for the Deanna app that comes with YmsCoreBluetooth. It was a matter of reconfiguring it for the purpose of controlling the Music app.

  • This app demo is really a prototype. It is not production level code, but could easily be made so. (Given the postive feedback I've gotten so far about it, hmmm...)

All that said, it was a fun exercise and sanity check to see how well in practice it is to use YmsCoreBluetooth. If you're interested in building BLE products, I invite you to use YmsCoreBluetooth. And if you want help in building your BLE project, I'd be more than happy to talk with you about it.

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