Share a link to your favorite Markdown editor without marking it up.

Captee is an app that shares a link (both URL and title) in one step straight from the macOS Share menu. Results are stored in the system clipboard for pasting into your favorite editor.

Captee supports both the Markdown and Org markup formats

Simple User Interface

Captee lets you see and edit the link before sharing.

Shared link is captured in the system clipboard.

Paste Markdown Link

Paste the shared link into your favorite Markdown editor.

One-step operation for both URL and title!

Share Content

Capture content with auto-fill support for those websites and apps that support rich macOS sharing.

Formatted text can be copied into Captee to be converted to Markdown or Org.

Bespoke Emacs Support

Captee can capture directly into an Emacs Org file.

Note that this requires your version of Emacs to natively support Org Protocol.


  • Works with any macOS app that supports the Share Menu
  • Wrap a URL link with either Markdown or Org Mode syntax
  • Selected text can be shared too!
  • Shared link and content is put into the system clipboard for easy pasting
  • Emacs versions with native Org Protocol support can get shared content directly from Captee


macOS Ventura 13.1+


Feedback is always welcome! Please rate and review Captee on the App Store.

Join the community to discuss Captee on GitHub.


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