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Announcing Casual Suite

24 Jun 2024  Charles Choi

It’s been fun these past several months revisiting and re-imagining the UX for Emacs with the Casual project. The public response has been overwhelmingly positive and for that, I am truly grateful. I’ve received enough input from different folks to provide a “one-stop shopping” solution so that they can pick up all the Casual porcelains with one package install. So give the people what they want.

Announcing Casual Suite, an umbrella package for all the Casual porcelains, now on MELPA. Installing this package will automatically install all current and future Casual porcelains including those for Calc, I-Search, Dired, Info, and Avy. As always, users who prefer an “à la carte” solution can install the packages individually.

That said, there is still more ground to cover as I’m not quite done with Casual yet. Planned ahead over the next couple of weeks are new porcelains for:

  • Ibuffer
  • Bookmarks
  • Re-builder
  • Edebug
  • An editor/writing toolkit

While I’ve got your attention, if Casual has helped you in any way, please consider getting me a coffee at the link below to help support its building and maintenance.

Feedback for Casual is always welcome. Please let me know your thoughts at the Casual Suite discussion group.

Thanks much and enjoy using Casual Suite!




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